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Business in Africa Marketing

The new wave of business activity in Africa brings with it challenges for private and public organisations.  Liberalised economies and advances in information technology require businesses to employ innovative ways to retain their �attention share� and profitability. Africa has a diversified and commercially difficult market  terrain  which  necessitates  specialised public relations and marketing techniques. Using its  extensive  knowledge  of  the  continent, Goldcity Communications has developed such specialised public relation and marketing techniques to benefit its growing client base.

Goldcity Communications has extensive and unique experience in building public awareness campaigns for African clients and for clients targeting the African markets. This division currently operates as two groups, each focusing on  broad client market sectors and working to support its clients marketing objectives in Africa. These are:

�Consumer Products and Services and
�Business to Business and Public Sector

Work for each client is tailored to meet specific needs and opportunities in Africa. This may include all or some of the following aspects:

�Government Relations
�Public Relations
�Media Relations
�Trade Relations
�Direct Marketing
�Events Management and launches.

Competitive edge

Goldcity Communications  believes  that  an effective  public  awareness  campaign  must respect  the  unique  political, socio-economic and cultural conditions of African nations. The company is aware that mass audiences in Africa are often difficult to penetrate in a uniform way. Its strategy is to use a sophisticated mix of communications tactics to convey sometimes complex messages to the various publics

Through our extensive publishing experience in Africa through Business in Africa Magazine, Goldcity is perfectly placed to offer clients a well-rounded communications solution.

With own offices in 4 countries in Africa and in London and associates in 17 other African countries, Goldcity enjoys a network that is often not available to some of the competitors in the market. Goldcity�s management team has over 100 years of combined experience in Africa. Its knowledge is already being employed to guide South African and other international companies prospecting into Africa.

In the past five years, Goldcity Communications has been able to create campaigns that are successful, cost effective and sustainable. Some of our recent clients have included: the Government of Ghana,  Ghana Airways, Cameroon Airlines,  UK Government City Challenge Programme,  National Bank of  Tanzania,   Government of  Nigeria,  Idaho Partners (USA) and Railtrack UK.

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

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