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Does regulatory reform equal growth?
Business in Africa interviewed The World Bank�s Doing Business in 2007 report co-author Caralee Mcliesh in Johannesburg

Race to complete convertibility by year-end
West Africa�s biggest economies, including Nigeria and Ghana, plan to finalise the minimum use of foreign currencies by December. The new situation could halt the hot chase for US dollars, euros and the pound sterling in cross-border transactions, writes Nana Mensah.

Battling rising wages in Ghana
Thousands of workers will take to the streets when President John Agyekum Kufuor ends his 8-year term as President of Ghana, demanding their pound of flesh for standing by him.

The state of SMEs in East Africa
While the World Bank classifies Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) as the �missing� or �forgotten� middle in the search for economic prosperity in East Africa, India and Pakistan are reported to be the two countries in the world with amazing success stories of SMEs.

Does economic freedom equal growth?
For the first time the average economic freedom score in the world has improved from �mostly unfree� to �mostly free�, according to the Heritage Foundation-Wall Street Journal 2006 Economic Freedom Index. While Africa remains mostly unfree, GDP per capita growth suggests the findings should be treated with caution.

Capitalist revolution
There�s a long way to go� � but Africa is finally moving to implement regulatory reform and open the way for the region�s...

How 'free money' is oiling Ghana�s economy
The Ghanaian government has attracted more free money by far than any other past government, but is the West African economy getting drunk over baskets of free Western money?

One Zambia, One Nation
�Miss Zambia takes the Commonwealth Crown.� If Zambia�s performance in the Miss Commonwealth contest is any indication of the country�s current success, the outlook for the upcoming elections on 28 September will be nothing short of exciting. The continued socioeconomic success will depend on the new government�s ability to address corruption, continue economic reforms and attract foreign investment.

South Africa digs deep for 2010
However much the continent sees the soccer World Cup as an Africa event, it is intensely a South African affair writes John Etkind.

Is there and African development model?
At the World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering in Cape Town in May there was considerable agreement among African political and business leaders about the continent�s future development. What remains unanswered is whether we can speak of a quintessentially African growth model

Tanzania�s skills bottleneck
Faced with buoyant prospects of growth, Tanzania must still match its skills supply to emerging market realities.

Tanzania�s privitisation windfall
There�s an upside to Tanzania�s disabling socialist past: the shift to a market economy and its corollary � privatisation � has seen an investment windfall unparalleled in the country�s history since independence.

Funding Africa�s investment
On 1st June, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) unveiled the Investment Climate Facility (ICF) for Africa aimed at improving investment climates in Sub-Saharan Africa.

China�s rise, Africa's demise?
To understand the beast is to fear it less, WEF delegates are told, but some see China as a looming economic imperialist.

Going for growth
True to form in an environment of such diversity of opinion, suggestions at the 16th World Economic Forum in Cape Town, South Africa flew thick and fast and few survived the sniping and flak that punctuated every debate.

Zimbabwe � the world�s challenging jigsaw puzzle
Zimbabwe is Africa�s most confounding puzzle. It is a jigsaw of pieces that never fit together, no matter how hard you try to make sense of them.

Cracking the BEE codes
Bedevilling a comfortable shift of BEE implementation into smaller businesses is the fact that most up-and-coming enterprises find the welter of bureaucracy overwhelming, onerous, time-consuming and too expensive.

South Africa's black .inc
The South African government is at last putting its foot down and allowing a broader spectrum of black businessmen a share of the empowerment largesse, while a new grouping of political heavyweights has emerged to rock the boat.

Back to basics for growth strategy
There is a new term doing the rounds in South Africa. The next phase of the country�s economic policy is to be driven by the �Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative� (Asgi). But the problem it�s not entirely clear what Asgi is.

Myth or reality: Social FDI
With foreign direct investment diminishing, the question begs: how can Africa make the most of FDI where it does come into the continent, especially in the extractive sector, and sustain this investment?

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