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ABLF 2007

Leadership through Partnership

As part of the celebrations to mark the 50th Anniversary of Ghana�s Independence, Business in Africa Magazine, Business and Financial Times and the Government of Ghana invite you to participate in a landmark leadership event.

17 � 19 October 2007
Accra International Conference Centre � Ghana

Akwaaba (Welcome) to Ghana

The 5th African Business Leaders Forum is designed to help business leaders in the private and public sector leaders to understand and strengthen their resolve to fight poverty and underdevelopment on the continent. It is a platform for assessing the post independence gains of Africa and an opportunity to define a future of prosperity for all Africans.

Business leaders from Africa and the Diaspora will use the forum to debate business renewal strategies. This forum provides added opportunities for participants to listen and learn the lessons of experience from a host of local and international experts. This high level gathering will use the occasion of Ghana�s 50th anniversary of Independence to look at the leadership challenges that continue to confront Africa and how business and political leaders can work together to eliminate these.Welcome to Africa�s largest leadership gathering in 2007.