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Brain-based education for executives

Published: 21-SEP-05

Brain-Based Executive Education is designed to introduce you, the executive, to the latest brain research for your personal benefit.

Executives are no longer able to differentiate themselves by the degree they hold or their years of experience. The new order demands a different kind of executive, one able to apply him or herself differently, respond energetically and create with sustained enthusiasm and vigour.

The diversity of the new order requires you to leverage your brain. The mysteries of how the brain works are being clarified daily. Neuro-scientists are showing us exactly which part of the brain performs which function.

We also know that dedicated activities develop specific parts of the brain. Just as a runner develops his overall fitness so specifically designed activities can exercise desirable brain patterning.

In addition neuro-science is demonstrating how to view business from a new vista. These latest findings are destined to have a major impact on your business bottom line, how you plan and strategise, the organisational culture, individual performance, succession planning, marketing and the fundamental choices you make.

Brain-Based Executive Education is a signpost, a landmark, a stopping place for you to think about consciously linking brain activity to your everyday encounters.

�Organisations exist for people to develop themselves'. In the capital-based economy of yesteryear this statement would have simply fallen on deaf ears. Today the knowledge professional holds the power. And it is the knowledge professional whose brain is wired to lead.

Those willing to step into CEO shoes are training on a newly designed circuit. Executives are catching up with the latest brain research, establishing a brain-training routine and matching mental and physical fitness.

This book not only teaches us why we are prone to think, say and do such foolish things. And be honest, we've all been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

More importantly, it contains a solid selection of articles from experts in the field of the brain as well as executive coaching and education which suggest ways of knowing more about ourselves so that we don't fall into such traps again.

Even more positively, the book tells us how to use our imagination and intuition to be leaders in business and generally become more well rounded human beings.

  • Author: Jocelin Kagan assisted by Andrea B�hmert
  • Price: R239.00
  • Series name: Knowres Publishing
  • Date published: April 2005
  • Readers who wish to order these books will get a 15% discount off. To order, you can phone Knowledge Resources on (021) 919-7685.

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