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Focus and objectives

  • After many years of providing logistic support to other conference organisers, BIA launched its own Conference and Events division in 1997. Through this service, BIA uses its extensive business knowledge of Africa to provide platforms for:
    - Discussion, debate and networking.
    - Launch of new products or services.
    - Sponsorship or promotional opportunities.
    - High level summits.

  • Business in Africa Conferences, with offices in Johannesburg, has in the last five years, firmly established itself as a leading conference organiser. It has successfully initiated and organised four Pan African Investment Summits on Privatisation, a Banking and Finance Conference and signature conferences such as 'Opportunity Nigeria' designed to focus investor attention on particular countries.

  • Its latest conference venture, The African Business Leaders Forum is now in its fourth year. The first event attracted delegates from 17 African countries and turnover of nearly R3 million.

Focus and objectives

  • Business in Africa Conferences is fortunate to have adopted a name that clearly defines its mission. Conferences are organised to provide a forum for interaction between participants interested in fostering Africa-related businesses.

Market position

  • BIA reconfigures, repackages and syndicates conferences through third parties or in joint partnership with other organizations.

  • The key strength that they bring to conferences is their network of contacts, highly experienced staff with considerable knowledge of African affairs.

  • The market size of the conference sector is fluid and difficult to accurately value. This is primarily because of the application of new technologies such as videoconferencing, teleconferencing, web cast and other similar platforms capable of bringing people in different locations together for a specific time span.

  • It is significant to note that Business in Africa Conferences and Events have the capability to host its events anywhere in the world. In fact, events have been organized in Johannesburg, Accra, Lagos, Abuja, and London. The location choices are varied according to the purpose and preferences of clients, sponsors, delegates interest as well as the availability of high tech communication, presentation and accommodation facilities.

Marketing plan

  • Business in Africa Conferences and Events intends to offer its expertise to both the public and private sector organisations seeking to convene high-level summits and other events in Africa.

Competitive edge

  • Business in Africa Conferences benefits from a network of the Group�s regional support offices in Johannesburg, Accra, Lagos, Abuja and a Nairobi affiliate. These centres provide the necessary reach and talent pool needed for the development and implementation of client requirements.

  • Business in Africa Conferences also enjoys the goodwill created in the market by BIAM. The conference division will continue to maximise the opportunities created by the magazine in defining issues for debate and education.