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Proposed topics for Leadership for transformation conference
Posted Wed, 30 Mar 2005

Women in Leadership

  1. Socialisation & its effects on workplace dynamics
  2. Gender Identity Development for Women
  3. Self-Assessment & Self-Insight
  4. Self-Help Principles & Self-Help Practices
  5. Proven models of Empowerment
  6. Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life
  7. Selling Your Ideas & Yourself
  8. Women & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  9. Personal development strategies
  10. Mom, wife, manager and woman - tapping the advantages
  11. Bridging gender differences
  12. Recruiting and advancing women in the workplace
  13. Building a strong community at home and work
  14. Career management and motherhood
  15. Negotiating the Gender Divide: Creating Space for Dialogue
  16. Training the Next Generation of Women Leaders
  17. Building Women's Networks Across the Continent
  18. Honouring Female Excellence in Business: Leadership tips for women
  19. How governments can help women

Entrepreneurial Leadership
  1. Transforming your business ideas into profits
  2. Growing successful small businesses
  3. Keeping an eye on the family business
  4. Developing a Successful Business Strategy
  5. Overcoming Technological Constraints in Business Development
  6. Accessing Finance for Small Business Development
  7. Developing the Communications Infrastructure to Promote Business Development
  8. Accessing Corporate Customers: Challenges for African Entrepreneurs
  9. Risk taking and decision making
  10. Making Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) work for you.
  11. Credibility: How to build trust with employees, customers, the media and the community.

Practical Leadership
  1. Realising your leadership vision
  2. Building sustainable African organizations
  3. Creating a strategic network
  4. The art of negotiation
  5. Strategic mentoring
  6. Public/private partnerships
  7. How to unlock the ICT potential in your organization.
  8. Improving your communications style
  9. Leading by example: Transforming ideals into reality
  10. Succeeding in the Corporate Environment: Strategies for Emerging African Business Leaders
  11. Streamlining the Public Sector: Efficient Management and Skills Development for Public Servants
  12. Advanced Consulting Skills
  13. Change Leadership- How leaders Drive organizational change
  14. Designing and implementing succession Systems
  15. Developing a sustainable monitoring system
  16. High Impact Relationships: How leaders Drive performance
  17. Leading through communication- Leadership: A Communication Clinic
  18. Enhancing your emotional Intelligence

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Energy in Africa
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Eskom leaders forum
African business and public sector leaders define and construct a prosperous future for the continent.
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Financing Black Empowerment Partnerships 2006
27 February � 3 March 2006.

Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa
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