Hopes high for SA in 2014

Published: 01-DEC-04

Looking ahead to a brighter future

South Africa in 2014 is a unique book that provides a penetrating balance and insight about where South Africa is and where the country is going. It gives the readers a clear view of what South Africa needs to do in order to achieve a positive future.

At the crossroads 10 years from our world famous democratic political miracle, the book looks forward another 10 years on. It is less about making exact predictions about progress but more about establishing the direction and critical challenges that will determine the desired outcomes and success of our country in the future.

Steuart Pennington, one of the three co-editors of the book said, “ South Africans need to address three main challenges, mainly the issues of trust, transition and poverty. We need to evolve into a non-racial society and poverty is the most important thread to the constitution. If we do not eradicate it, poverty will start to challenge everything."

The book is the latest to emerge from the South Africa –The Good News project- that published the best sellers, South Africa The Good News in 2002 and South Africa –More Good News in 2003.

South Africa in 2014 continues the effort to make South Africans more positive and better informed about their country.

Brett Bowes, another co-editor of the book said, “for people to be resilient they must have a vision of a future that is better than the present.”

The book has contributors from 77 authors ranging from prominent South African politicians to high-level business people, sportsmen, academics and highly regarded commentators. Each chapter is concluded by a flow chart, which indicates where we are now, what the challenges are and where we are likely to be in 2014.

Smuts Ngonyama said at the launch of the book recently that he hoped SA in 2014 would deliver the kind of future that the book had portrayed, “ For us to reach 2014 we also need leadership that is participatory and leadership that must unite the nation.”

The book is available through all leading bookshops, For corporate orders and programmes contact Leigh Pienaar at

+27 11 537 4700

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