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South Africa Yearbook 2003/04

Published: 01-MAY-04

This fully revised, updated SA Yearbook coincides with ten years of democracy in South Africa. It is an invaluable tool for anyone visiting the country, or wanting to do business in South Africa. It contains the most comprehensive information on all aspects of the country in one volume. The publication consists of 23 chapters, covering every facet of South Africa, including the history, geography, demographics, economy, constitution and government departments. It is illustrated with colour photographs and the information is made more readily accessible by the use of handy information boxes, graphs and concise text. Every chapter gives suggestions for further reading. Fully endorsed by Proudly South African, this is an essential handbook for corporate and school libraries, tourists and residents wanting to be properly informed about their own country.

Publisher: Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) and Science Technology Education (STE).

ISBN: 1-919855-18-1

Selling Price: R175.00

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