Why Smart Executives Fail
By: Sydney Finkelstein
Published: 01-MAR-04

Why Smart Executives Fail was born from the biggest research program ever devoted to business breakdowns. The question that Finkelstein set out to answer was why it is that big successful businesses suddenly breakdown, just to become successful again. Usually, this gets blamed on a misjudgement on top management's side; however, the people in top management are all highly intelligent individuals, with mostly impeccable track records.

After conducting hundreds of interviews, Finkelstein and his team realized that seemingly different businesses have failed for exactly the same reasons, even the excuses offered by management turned out to be the same. Sydney Finkelstein believes that if we start to think about leadership and organisations in new ways, these business disasters can be prevented. Not only does Finkelstein investigate these corporate mistakes and their causes, but he also shows the reader how he can learn from these mistakes, making sure that it doesn't happen again in the future. Why Smart Executives Fail, is a study executive failures, and one that must be read by every person in business.

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1591840104

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