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Tortue of seven bushmen

Published: 28-JUN-05

Seven Bushmen have been tortured this month by wildlife officials in Kaudwane, a relocation camp close to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. There are reports that they were tortured a number of times over three days.

The tortued bushmen aged from 26 to 57 are Tsuo Tshiamo, Meno Tshiamo, Helelo Tshiamo, Kganne Kgodikgadi, Sabokana Morwalela, Letshwao Nagayame and Moarama Nagayame.

The oldest one Letshwao Nagayame, 57, was handcuffed and tied upside down to a post. When he tried to support himself on his hands, officials stepped on his fingers, kicked him, and repeatedly punched him in the groin. They also violently pulled his genitals. He now walks with difficulty.

Kganne Kgadikgadi and Meno Tshiamo were handcuffed by hand and foot to the bullbar of a vehicle and dragged for about a kilometre. They have now been charged with hunting without a licence and are due to go to court in July.

Sabokana Morwelela was laid face down on a table and hit repeatedly. He says that seven wildlife officials were involved. He now has severe back pain.

Speaking on behalf of the seven Nagayame said, 'We want justice to be done. Please take our story to the world.'

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