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Published: 07-JUN-04

The Wits Business School (WBS), has teamed up with INSEAD, one of the top global business schools to offer an innovative executive programme known as Managing Young Global Enterprises, or MYGLOBE

The programme is designed for companies in emerging African markets who would like to extend their success internationally, or companies that are already international but aspire to become globally competitive.

WBS has succeeded in striking a powerful balance between being global and South African at the same time. The school has become internationally recognised since it was established 30 years ago. It is located in Johannesburg, the business capital of the African continent. The School aims to equip leaders, managers and entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to proactively meet and overcome challenges presented by business's changing environment.

WBS's interactive approach to management education has proved highly effective in empowering individuals to handle the ever-changing demands of business. Students benefit from the School's local and international faculty and from the wealth of experience and viewpoints brought to the classroom by their peers and classmates.

WBS belongs to the Programme in International Management (PIM) which defines itself as "an international consortium of higher education institutions, outstanding in their field and delivering a graduate-equivalent degree in management".

INSEAD is one of the world's leading business schools. Its experience with leading multinational enterprises from all corners of the globe, has resulted in the development of concepts and insights that have not only influenced today's global enterprises, but have become standard pedagogical material for courses at other business schools across the globe. It offers executive programmes to more than 6 000 executives working in more than 90 countries, every year.

INSEAD is unique in that it has campuses in both Europe and Asia. Insights about managing multinational enterprises are therefore derived from an insider's perspective as well as an outsider's. Faculty is drawn from 30 different countries around the world.

MYGLOBE provides a learning opportunity specific to South Africa and African firms, with knowledge and insights also developing through experience with world-leading multinational firms. It features cutting-edge research conducted by the partner faculties that has profoundly influenced how top multinational enterprises function.

For the first time, managers from South African and African enterprises will be able to tap into the faculties of these two schools in one programme, designed to take advantage of a deep understanding of local markets, the broader market context, as well as global best practice.

Managers are encouraged to think globally and learn how to add global value from their current position as aspiring or young entrants to the multinational scene. The programme consists of lectures, case studies, simulations and class discussions, and allows for rich networking among the participants.

Module 1: Management basics

This module focuses on the basics of management required for the challenges in doing business internationally, and covers the following key areas: Financial valuations, International marketing International economics, Human resource management and culture, Business Strategy and Business in Africa. The intent of this module is to develop a comprehensive understanding of international business and the particular challenges of internationalising from the perspective of an African enterprise.

Module 2. On Global enterprises

Focuses on the key challenges facing young global enterprises. These include understanding the global political economy, designing the structures and processes of a successful global enterprise, raising capital from global markets and building global brands. Central to the programme is also how to create and manage global distribution systems, management of global supply chains, globally dispersed operations and teams, as well as strategies for young global enterprises to compete successfully with the entrenched global competition.

A bridge between the two modules, which will also facilitate knowledge-sharing among participants, will see them working in groups to develop a business plan to resolve challenges inherent to internationalisation.

Senior managers will be enabled to understand the global economic and political landscape, develop an effective blueprint for internationalisation, and absorb best practices and new capabilities from all over the world. Lessons also include techniques on accelerating innovation for competitive advantage, how to become more sensitive to diverse cultures, how to successfully grow and internationalise their management team and how to build synergies rather than having the conflicts that can arise between domestic divisions and foreign subsidiaries.

These require hands-on experience in managing an international company, and candidates receive ideas from other senior executives through the extensive networking opportunities. Participants will leave the course with the skills and understanding necessary to lead their own organisations in the global marketplace.

This includes CEOs and other senior managers from all functional areas, who will take on ever-increasing responsibilities as their geographic scope expands. The programme is designed to attract business leaders, both current and future. Other MYGLOBE partners are:

� Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan.

� Funda��o Dom Cabral (FDC) in Brazil.

� Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in the Philippines

� Athens Laboratory of Business Administration (ALBA) in Greece

� Indian School of Business (ISB) in India

The first week of the Module 1 Management basics programme will be held on the WBS campus, 4-9 July 2004, taught by both WBS and INSEAD faculty. Module 2. On Global enterprises takes place on 23-27 August, on the Europe Campus of INSEAD. Contact Janet Waite at Wits Business School on +27 11 717 3690.

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