eLearning goes hi-tech
eLearning is about using technology to overcome the educational challenges, particularly in Africa.

Private Education Tanzania
Tanzanian education analysts say the option of parents taking children to private schools has been brought about by the perception that the performance of state schools has continued to let students and parents down.

Influx of foreign students to Uganda
A baseline survey conducted by the Uganda Export Promotion Board (UEPB) recently says the country continues to attract a high number of students to tertiary and lower education institutions.

Lasting skills a priority for flexible staffing industry
The robust growth of the South African economy over the past decade, coupled with the implementation of the affirmative action, has led to a rapidly increasing demand for skilled human capital

The short course arena
How business schools are moulding a new generation of executive leaders.

The war for talent
What is the scale of the talent shortage in South Africa?

Booming demand...
South Africa ranks highly in the global economy as an investment destination. While the traditional image of South Africa has been that of a risky place with low�to�medium growth potential, the tide is fast shifting.

Addressing the challenge
Is South Africa�s studied refusal to take skilled immigrants a principled stand against an idea of raiding countries and economies less privileged than its own?

New challenges, old constraints
There can be no doubt that businesses operating in South Africa face an ever-widening talent gap, particularly at mid and senior executive levels. But there is more to the story that many companies may have overlooked.

Knowledge sharing key to Africa�s growth
In today�s world of global business, leaders need to be equipped with the tools to make tough decisions on a regular basis. The association of African business schools aims to meet this need.

A dichotomy in budgets
The national budget 2005 focuses on two themes developed in the post-2000 era, fiscal expansion and prudence.These opposite themes continues to co-exist peacefully in South Africa.

The educational ghost of apartheid lingers on
Managing the 'paradox' of a developing skills in a hostile labour market and economic environment, where unemployment is growing steadily, is the greatest challenge for the emergent system

Towards World Class Quality in African Education and Training
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. One cannot apply a quality management system to only one aspect of a system or organisation

Ethiopia leaps ahead in education
The new improved customised training solution has given Ethiopia the opportunity to access large numbers of learners at different locations at different times.

Let�s educate the continent
South Africa was fortunate to have the opportunity to redesign its entire education and training system. All stakeholders had to agree on the new system, and devise a strategy to set up the entire structure with all the underpinning legislation.

WITS Business school, Harvard partner
The Managing Young Global Enterprises course conducted in conjunction with INSEAD, the number one business school in France and one of the world�s leading business schools, offers a unique executive education program that will focus upon leading an organisation in the global arena.

Developing leaders
Writes Clara Priester about WBS Executive Development Programme (EDP) that is designed for business executives who wish to lift their management and leadership skills to a higher level through an intensive programme.

Going Global
A school programme has been designed to help companies in emerging African markets to extend thier success internationally.

Africa's thirst for knowledge
Don't ask an African about the relevance of business schools in today's economy. On a continent where freedom, and free markets, are the keys to development and democracy, developing business skills in Africa, for Africa, is being pursued with an almost messianic fervour.Peter Van der Merwe speaks to Proffessor Adele Thomas.

Corporate governance achievable in Africa
There are no degrees of corporate governance. A company either applies the principles of corporate governance or it does not. Sir Adrian Cadbury in his Corporate Governance Overview in the 1999 World Bank Report said "Corporate Governance is concerned with holding the balance between individual and communal goals the aim to is to align a nearly as possible the interest of individuals, corporations and society." Maryann Middelton takes a closer look.

Market news on your cellphone
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Energy in Africa
Energy in Africa is an intelligent and in-depth look at how energy impacts people, places, projects, price and development around the African continent.
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African Business Leaders Forum
African business and public sector leaders define and construct a prosperous future for the continent.
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