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Dr. Renate Volpe Director, HIRS

Dr Renate Volpe was a Divisional Director at the Chamber of Mines (1986 - 1995). She co-founded the largest mental health structure in S.A. In 1995, she took on the challenge of entrepreneurship and started Leadership Culture Innovators, a consultancy specializing in leadership and change management. Her long standing customers include Anglo American, MTN, Nike and Standard Bank. Renate is a prolific writer and is the author of "The Entrepreneurial Mind shift". As a director of the HIRS Womens Development consultancy, Renate focuses on preparing women for senior leadership positions. Her uniqueness rests in her courageous advocacy of two principles; People and business can respectfully co exist; and men and women need to partner in order to contribute significantly to the emerging economy. Renate strives for life balance and wisdom by devoting herself passionately to the practice of yoga.