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Mr Reuel Khoza Chairman, Nepad Foundation

Reuel Khoza is Chairman of Eskom Holdings Ltd. He was appointed in 1994, the year that ushered in a new era, both for Eskom and for South Africa as a whole. His primary task was to lead the utility's transformation, which has prospered under his guidance.

Mr Khoza has been a distinguished consultant, lecturer and change agent in business for three decades. He is a leading proponent of a new management culture and leadership based on inclusivity, Afrocentricity and Ubuntu, and an advocate of African-led globally competitive economics and industries.

Eskom Holdings Ltd is one of the largest electricity companies in the world. Since 1991 it has electrified approximately 3 million homes.

Mr Khoza is founding Chairman of Aka Capital, and chairs the NEPAD Group, Polokwane International Airport, and Akani Leisure (Pty) Ltd. He also holds directorships at the Johannesburg Securities Exchange and Gold Reef Casino Resorts, among others. He is currently Fellow and President of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa. He was the recipient in 2001 of the Leadership in Practice Award from the University of South Africa's School of Leadership and the 1997 Black Management Forum's Presidential Achievers Award.