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Ms. Mpho Letlape Divisional Managing Director, Human Resources, Eskom

Mpho Letlape is Managing Director of Human Resources at Eskom, where her goal is to fine-tune each individual who works for the organisation through training and mentorship.

She was previously with the IBM Corporation. When she was appointed a director of that company in 1999, she was the first black person outside the USA, and the first female in South Africa, to achieve that feat.

In 1996, Ms Letlape introduced a new concept of HR consultancy to IBM. Between 1998 and 2000 she managed to reduce the level of attrition from 30% to 15%.

She received a professional excellence award in 1989 for remodelling the ISM education systems, and was selected for a residency with IBM in 1990 to write a technical manual and a training workshop together with subject experts from various countries. She has been a member of several international forums and was awarded the HR Professional of the year by the Institute for Personnel Management in 2003.