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Dr. Patrick Utomi Professor, Lagos Business School

Pat Utomi is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants in Nigeria, and Director of the Centre for Applied Economics at the Lagos Business School of the Pan African University.

Professor Utomi obtained his Ph.D, MPA and MA from Indiana University in the USA, and a BA from the University of Nigeria. His academic training covers a range of areas, including policy economics, business administration, public administration, African politics and mass communication.

He has served in a senior position in government, as Special Assistant to the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, and in the private sector spent a number of years as Chief Operating Officer of Volkswagen, Nigeria.

He has written six books, among them Managing Uncertainty, and Competition and Strategy in Emerging Economics, which was awarded the Abiola Book Prize in 1998.

Professor Utomi chairs a number of organisations in Nigeria, and was a founding trustee of Transparency International (Nigeria) the organisation that led opposition to military rule in that country.