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Dr. Kedibone Letlaka-Rennert, Ph.D Chairman, Phambili Strategies & Solutions International

Dr Letlaka-Rennart, PhD, is Chairman of Phambili Strategies & Solutions International in the USA. Her first psychology degrees were from Rhodes University, and she studied for her doctorate at George Washington University in the USA.

She also acquired a unique qualification as Trainer-of-Trainers from the National Multi-Cultural Institute in Washington DC, which allows her to teach and certify workshop participants as trainers for further workshops.

Her experience includes working as a Human Resources Consultant at a US multi-national consultancy, as Senior Manager at Standard Bank, Retail Banking and then Head of Transformation at the Bank. She designed and ran a Diversity Management programme for Hay Management Consultants for clients in telecommunctions and financial services, inluding Telkom - South Africa's largest telecommunications company - and Nedcor, one of the three leading banks.

Dr Letlaka-Rennert founded her own human resources management consultancy in 2000, whose services include employment equity training, mentoring and coaching training, and diversity management.