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Ms. Evelyn Mungai – President, All Africa Business Women’s Association , Kenya

Evelyn Mungai is President of the All African Businesswomen's Association (AABA). She is a leading champion of women's economic empowerment. She was the first woman member of the All Africa Business Round Table, a high-profile private sector body that operates throughout the continent. It consists of leading businesspeople across Africa, who promote the continent as an investment destination.

She was closely associated with establishing and promoting the Corporate Council for Africa, an influential US-based body that seeks to bring the US and African private sectors closer together.

AABA facilitates networking and personal development among senior women in the private sector. A database of talented business and professional women is currently being compiled.

Ms Mungai started the first-ever school of design in East Africa, the Evelyn School of Design. For many years she published Presence magazine, another platform for strengthening and developing women. She is Chairperson of Nairobi's Rotary Club.