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  1. Socialisation & its effects on workplace dynamics
  2. Gender Identity Development for Women
  3. Self-Assessment & Self-Insight
  4. Self-Help Principles & Self-Help Practices
  5. Proven models of Empowerment
  6. Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life
  7. Selling Your Ideas & Yourself
  8. Women & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  9. Personal development strategies
  10. Mom, wife, manager and woman: tapping the advantages
  11. Bridging gender differences
  12. Recruiting and advancing women in the workplace
  13. Building a strong community at home and work
  14. Career management and motherhood
  15. Negotiating the Gender Divide: Creating Space for Dialogue
  16. Training the Next Generation of Women Leaders
  17. Building Women's Networks Across the Continent
  18. Honouring Female Excellence in Business: Leadership tips for women
  19. How governments can help women