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  1. Realising your leadership vision
  2. Building sustainable African organizations
  3. Creating a strategic network
  4. The art of negotiation
  5. Strategic mentoring
  6. Public/private partnerships
  7. How to unlock the ICT potential in your organization
  8. Improving your communications style
  9. Leading by example: Transforming ideals into reality
  10. Succeeding in the Corporate Environment: Strategies for Emerging African Business Leaders
  11. Streamlining the Public Sector: Efficient Management and Skills Development for Public Servants
  12. Advanced Consulting Skills
  13. Change Leadership: How leaders Drive organizational change
  14. Designing and implementing succession Systems
  15. Developing a sustainable monitoring system
  16. High Impact Relationships: How leaders Drive performance
  17. Leading through communication
  18. Leadership: A Communication Clinic
  19. Enhancing your emotional Intelligence