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New for 2005
28 Reasons why you should attend Africa's
largest leadership gathering.
1 - 2 November 2005
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 28 high profile leadership experts
    8 high-level keynote speakers
  • 3 dynamic breakaway sessions
    24 interactive learning sessions
  • 2 days of high-level business networking
  • 400 high profile delegates from at least 25 African countries
  • Pan African media coverage and broadcast of select sessions

The Eskom African Business Leaders Forum (now in its third successful year) will address the critical need to engage African leadership principles and practice in order to speed up much needed economic transformation of the continent. The Eskom African Leaders Forum 2005 creates three unique platforms of conferencing to engage delegates on the following core areas:




  • Socialisation & its effects on workplace dynamics
  • Proven models of Empowerment
  • Selling Your Ideas & Yourself
  • Women & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Bridging gender differences
  • Recruiting and advancing women in the workplace
  • Training the Next Generation of Women Leaders
  • Building Women's Networks Across the Continent
  • Honouring Female Excellence in Business: Leadership tips for women
  • Transforming your business ideas into profits
  • Growing successful small businesses
  • Developing a Successful Business Strategy
  • Overcoming Technological Constraints in Business Development
  • Accessing Finance for Small Business Development
  • Developing the Communications Infrastructure to Promote Business Development
  • Accessing Corporate Customers: Challenges for African Entrepreneurs
  • Risk taking and decision making
  • Credibility: How to build trust with employees, customers, the media and the community
  • Realising your leadership vision
  • Building sustainable African organizations
  • Strategic mentoring
  • How to unlock the ICT potential in your organization
  • Leading by example: Transforming ideals into reality
  • Streamlining the Public Sector: Efficient Management and Skills Development for Public Servants
  • Change Leadership- How leaders Drive organizational change
  • Developing a sustainable monitoring system
  • Leading through communication- Leadership: A Communication Clinic