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Old is the brand new gold
Trends move much faster through young society than they do through older adults because their motivations are different...

Corporate Blogging
In the new era of networked economy, personal interaction with stakeholders of a business is of paramount importance.

Understanding Guarantee Bonds
As the Kenyan economy continues to grow and more Kenyan companies increasingly do business with neighboring countries such as Southern Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi, there is increased activity at the port of Mombasa.

Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds and Infrastructure Bonds: What are they?
Treasury bonds now constitute 73,4 percent of total government domestic debts compared to 69,5 percent a year earlier; and the maturity profile of domestic debts increased from 2,22 years in June 2006 to 2,85 years in June 2007

Setting the corporate bonds market on fire
Experts contend that now more than ever before, �hot money� needs to start flowing to reawaken the region�s underdeveloped bonds market.

The new bargain hunters
There's excess liquidity in the world in what has been described as a global private equity boom � vaults of surplus capital bursting the seams of American, European and Asian financial markets. And they're eyeing investment opportunities in the African continent to dole out deep pools of debt finance.

Nigerian courier firms want independence - DHL Nigeria
Mr Richard Seaver, the Chief Executive Officer of DHL Nigeria Limited, in this interview with Toun Aderele explains how his company has managed to remain the market leader in Nigeria.

Billion dollar binge
From a nickel and dime fried chicken business in the back of his car, Chicken Licken founder and MD George Sombonos has grown a multi-million dollar franchise operation. His recipe for success? An unwavering blend of hot spices�� and a bit of luck.

Coke�s Meta model for Africa
While it is true that Africans must still overcome the challenges of infrastructure and skills, Coca-Cola�s business model is a sterling example of a company that has seized its destiny, says Coca-Cola�s Africa CEO, Alex Cummings.

Super brands: Are you one?
Superbrands boast of being the world�s largest independent arbiter of branding. It identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands from all over the world. The Superbrand status is awarded to such brands, and subsequently the brand�s position is strengthened and set apart from competitors.

Advertising, Branding: Why all the fuss?
Advertising could be defined as the art of crafting ideas to draw the attention of consumers to a certain brand. Therefore in any kind of advertising, the target audience and the channel of communication stand out as the most important elements.

SABMiller�s $2bn bear bonanza
If you want a case study on how to do business in Africa � how to identify it, how to acquire it, how to leverage it, how to grow it � you probably won�t find a more striking example than the one unfolding now at global brewing giant SABMiller.

Mitigating risk
As multi-national companies move into Africa and the demand for infrastructure grows, so numerous contracting opportunities for South African construction companies arise.

Healing a sick world
A groundbreaking report identifies global adoption of best practice as the remedy for ailing health systems.

The primary objective of globalisation
The Davos meeting of world political and business leaders aims to create the foremost global partnership of business, political and intellectual leaders of civil society, to make sense of the rapidly changing world.

After the merger
All mergers are looking for greater value at the end of the road. However, for this objective to be realised, it must be carefully crafted.

Africa: Decline of paternalism in sight
I recently assisted the United Nations with its strategy for reconstruction and development after the Asian tsunami. My concern, however, is the effect the tsunami has had on Africa...

The state of oil contracts in Africa
The first type of contracts signed in the sub-region were Concessions Agreements. Under these agreements, the oil company was the sole owner of all oil extracted from this defined area, in return for royalties, bonuses and taxes payable to the state.

All we need is leadership and Nepad
�The challenge to eradicate poverty is huge. Nepad wants to reduce the poverty on the continent by half by 2015 to bring 150 million people out of this abject poverty, but to do so, we need to place Africa on a path of sustainable growth and development.

Deflating inflation
The challenges facing central banks are generally the same all over the world, but in some instances they are more pronounced in emerging markets than in developed countries.

Re-engineering management in Africa
Wole Soyinka once said Africa looks like a map carelessly designed by a mad tailor. Since the Berlin partition of the Continent in 1885, the legacy of contradictory interactions has profoundly affected the leadership and managerial style in Africa - a continent with unique complexities, contradictions and paradoxes.

Sub-Saharan Africa�s energy conundrum
Sub-Saharan Africa sits on some of the most significant potential fuel reserves in the world, yet it is estimated that no more than 20%, and in some countries as low as 5% of the population has access to electricity, falling to under 2% in rural areas.

Accounting efficiency
High-quality, timely and cost-effective financial information is essential - nonetheless it is frequently obscured by volumes of irrelevant and intricate data. Attempts to make the data useful is tedious and error-prone.

Auditing oil and gas
A production-sharing contract (PSC) is a contract that regulates the exploration and production of petroleum products between Gabon and oil companies. PSCs include the payment of royalties and other taxes. Elias Pungong explores the fundamentals of oil exploration taxation.

Privatising Infrastructure
The debate about private sector participation (PSP) in Africa's infrastructure still remains one of "should we or shouldn't we?" rather than "how do we secure it?" Nick Allen reports

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