* Tackling the Divide

The explosion of mobile telephony in Africa is the good news story which has partly obscured the fact that Africa still has a long way to go in the growth of telephony and IT. We look at some of the key issues and new statistics raised at the ITU Telecom Africa  2001 show

* Success Story
The telecoms sector in Somalia is one of the country’s few success stories. But there are pros and cons to doing business in a country without a government, writes DIANNA GAMES
* US Takes Aim
The international freeze on the assets and operations of Somalia’s biggest telecoms and money remittance company has wide repercussions. MATTHIAS MUINDI reports
* Low Flying
For the corporate strategists at Ghana Airways, these are uncertain times. The country’s national carrier has had two chief executives in the past year and it is currently being run
by a task force, reaching decisions by consensus.

* Trail of Death
An estimated 2.3 million Africans died of AIDS in 2001. It is now the leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa, says the UN’s 2001 update on the pandemic